Youth Voices: College experience validates hard work of high school

By Jun Yu Liu


Many high school students — especially seniors — look forward to college. College is time to grow and mature, a period to discover oneself and gain the necessary skills for success. However, for high school seniors, it is important to stay focused. The end of high school does not mean the end of stress or hard work.

From my own experience as a freshman at Boston University, college work is a step up from high school. For those experiencing the phenomenon of “senioritis,” or slacking off after receiving college acceptances, it is important to keep your head straight and maintain good study habits. A possible result of “senioritis” are rescinded acceptances, after the colleges have determined that the individual is inconsistent in academic performance and thus deemed no longer fit for acceptance at their institutions.

Image courtesy of Flickr user operation_janet.

Image courtesy of Flickr user operation_janet.

However, college is not all about stress, work and worries. Aside from gaining independence, college is a remarkable place to meet people with all kinds of interests and backgrounds. At an institution of higher education like Boston University, this rings especially true. The weekly lectures are like congregations of the international community, with people from every single nation in the world. It is a unique experience and a welcome change from the high school experience.

Aside from academics, social life is also arguably just as important for college students. For those who are uncomfortable with socializing and meeting new people, college is the place to overcome this. While academic knowledge and skills are crucial, social skills are essential for your future career. As a business management major, having exceptional communication skills will be crucial for me to carry out business transactions and accomplish tasks. In the meantime, I need good communication skills for success on team presentations and projects.

From my experience, college is definitely worth the effort. All those sleepless nights of studying, making a contribution to my community and participating in after-school activities were all means by which colleges based their admissions. But the fact that you are in college does not make any of your efforts any less relevant. They only heighten your sense of belonging. In a sense, college allows you to further your understanding and gain a new perspective of the world around you. There are simply more resources in college to take advantage of, more ways to commit your time. Through these resources, individuals are able to take a step further and discover what they want to make of their lives. It is this discovery that will point individuals in the right direction in life, to pursue what they truly love doing while sustaining their living.

For those high school seniors who await college acceptances, I cannot stress this enough: Try your best to be happy with your acceptances. You do not have to get into your dream school to be successful in life. College is only one part of life. I was told the following last year: “It’s not what college you get into but what you do at college that matters.” This has resonated with me as I near the end of my freshman year in college. Best of luck to those still waiting for admissions.

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