Roxbury Community College Informs GED Participants on Test Changes

BOSTON, MA (April 23, 2013) — Roxbury Community College is informing current GED test takers that they may want to take or finish the exam before the new GED guidelines go into effect. In January 2014, the new GED assessment will be launched in all U.S. jurisdictions. GED candidates, who currently have passed only portions of the test and don’t complete the remaining tests by next January, will lose their scores and have to re-start from the beginning. The new test will be more challenging and costly, increasing from $65 to $120.

The new GED test will continue to measure high school equivalency and include reading comprehension, writing, editing, science, social studies and math. It will now include four, not five, modules: Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science and Social Studies. There will be two performance levels assessed: a high school equivalency level and a higher level intending to demonstrate college and career readiness. The biggest change of all however, is that the new GED is computer-based.

Roxbury Community College is seeing an increase in the number of test takers probably in part due to the impending changes. Jim Harris, from Training Resources of America in Quincy, MA sends students to RCC to take the exams. Harris says there have been more people coming in and enrolling for the GED and as it fills up they recommend completing it before the changes go into effect. Jim drives his students to RCC, “I have sent 75-100 students to RCC. Danielle and Joyce have been the best. It has been a great experience and I couldn’t speak more highly”. RCC plans to offer as many exam sessions as possible in the summer and fall, since so many people are trying to finish their GED before the closeout.

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