Boston-area Dermatologic Surgeons Donating Laser Treatments for Marathon Bombing Scars

Chestnut Hill, Mass., April 25, 2013 – With the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon leaving scars that will require months of care and treatment, the dermatologic surgeons at SkinCare Physicians, of Chestnut Hill, Mass., want to do their part in healing those wounds with “Boston Marathon Project Heal,” which will offer state-of-the-art laser treatment of scars at no charge to anyone injured in the attack.

Breakthroughs in the last few years have dramatically improved the treatment of scars from burns and traumatic injuries. New technology and techniques developed in Boston have been used nationally in the Wounded Warrior Project to improve the scars of combat veterans.

Lasers can significantly improve or remove both dark color and redness from scars. In addition, new ablative fractional resurfacing lasers combined with other medications have shown dramatic improvement in the texture, flexibility, function and appearance of scarred tissue.

“We have so many new devices and techniques available to improve scars,” said Thomas Rohrer, M.D., a senior partner at SkinCare Physicians and Secretary of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), the nation’s largest organization exclusively representing dermatologic surgeons. “Boston Marathon Project Heal is one small way we can help those injured in these tragic events.”

It was previously thought that scars should be allowed to mature for a year or more before any intervention. New science presented earlier this month at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery annual meeting at, of all places, the Hynes Convention Center – less than 200 yards from the finish line of the Boston Marathon – demonstrated that early treatment of traumatic scars can alter their trajectory and allow more rapid normalization of tissue.

In treating those wounded at the Boston Marathon, the dermatologists at SkinCare Physicians plan to use the latest in pulsed dye and ablative fractional lasers to improve scarring. Wounded veterans have shown life-changing improvement in their scars following this treatment. Many have seen not only cosmetic improvement of their scars but also an increase in flexibility that has allowed them to more freely maneuver digits and limbs. This same strategy can be applied to those injured in the bombings.

“Everyone here in Boston is looking for a way to help. We want those in need to know we are offering them our assistance,” said Kenneth Arndt, M.D., President of SkinCare Physicians and also an ASDS member. “In this small way, we hope to provide some comfort to those who have been injured and help our community to heal.”

For more information on Boston Marathon Project Heal, contact SkinCare Physicians at 617-848-1613.


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