CCBA supports attorney general’s rental investigation

Attorney General Martha Coakley at an Aug. 9, 2013 event.

Attorney General Martha Coakley at an Aug. 9, 2013 event. Image courtesy of the attorney general.

By Ling-Mei Wong

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England board members met Jan. 29 at 90 Tyler Street for its bimonthly meeting. Its board is made up of representatives from 35 family associations and organizations in Chinatown.

The three-hour meeting was filled with banter. A motion to discipline board member Patrick Cao for disrupting the Nov. 27, 2012, meeting was dismissed.

“I approve of open debate and respect the CCBA president’s authority,” Cao said.

CCBA President Rick Wong said Attorney General Martha Coakley has not determined whether the CCBA violated its 1983 agreement with Tufts Medical Center for the SCM building at 50 Herald Street. Some board members said the site’s rental income was intended for affordable housing donations, while Wong said there were no spending restrictions on the income.

The site is occupied by C-Mart supermarket, which recently signed two five-year rental contracts. Rental income from C-Mart was $168,526.40 in 2012.

“We continue to support the attorney general’s inquiry,” Wong said.

Renovations of the association’s restrooms were completed. The CCBA plans to update the Chinese Immigrant Memorial at the Mount Hope Cemetery before Tomb-Sweeping Festival on April 5.

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