In Quincy, Governor Patrick highlights infrastructure investments that create jobs and expand opportunity

QUINCY – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 – Governor Deval Patrick today joined House Majority Leader Ronald Mariano and other city leaders to tour the $1.6 billion Quincy Center Redevelopment Project, set to begin construction next month and bring a total of 11,000 new, permanent jobs to the area. This project, and others like it across the Commonwealth, was made possible by public and private investments, and will expand the region’s economy for the long-term.


Governor Patrick joins House Majority Leader Ronald Mariano and city officials to promote infrastructure investments in Quincy. (Photo credit: Eric Haynes / Governor’s Office)

Governor Patrick joins House Majority Leader Ronald Mariano and city officials to promote infrastructure investments in Quincy. (Photo credit: Eric Haynes / Governor’s Office)

“We remain committed to investing in education, innovation and infrastructure, because it’s about creating opportunity and economic growth,” said Governor Patrick. “We will continue to partner with cities and towns to make the kinds of investments that create jobs and spur economic development, here in Quincy and across the Commonwealth.”


The construction of the transit-oriented, mixed-use redevelopment is supported by city, state, federal and private investment including a $10.1 million MassWorks Infrastructure Grant. The Downtown Redevelopment Project will encompass 3.5 million square feet, including 1.8 million square feet of office and commercial space and 1,400 units of housing. Construction is expected to start next month.


On Monday, Governor Patrick discussed the importance of investing in the state transportation system to unlock job creation and economic development in all regions of the Commonwealth. Tuesday, the Governor called for renewed investments in education through a series of programs across the educational spectrum that will create opportunity and continued economic growth in the Commonwealth.


“I am thrilled to welcome Governor Patrick to the City of Quincy to tour the downtown redevelopment construction that is underway,” said House Majority Leader Ronald Mariano. “I share in Mayor Koch and the entire state delegation’s gratitude to the Governor and his administration for their unwavering support and vision for downtown, as we continue to fulfill our commitment to the future success of the revitalized City of Quincy.”


During today’s visit, Majority Leader Mariano led the Governor and other officials along a tour of Hancock Street in Quincy, viewing the site of Phase 1 of the project which is being constructed by Street-Works Development LLC and The Beal Companies, LLC, the co-master developers of the New Quincy Center redevelopment in partnership with LaSalle Investment Management, which recently pledged over $55 million in equity financing for the project. Construction on that phase, which will be called “Merchants Row,” is expected to start next month and represents a $120 million project that will include a 15-story, 306-unit residential building, 35,000 square feet of retail space, a 190-space parking garage, and a renovated and restored Granite Trust building at 1400 Hancock St. that will contain an additional 24,000 square feet of office space.


The tour also included a viewing of the Town Brook project supported by a MassWorks Infrastructure Grant. The Town Brook was cited by the City as a critical public infrastructure project needed in order to support the downtown revitalization project. The MassWorks project realigns Town Brook, redirecting the brook away from aged and structurally compromised sections of the brook’s previous path, and reduces flooding concerns in an area historically prone to issues.


The rehabilitation of Downtown Quincy also includes the building of Adams Green, a planned centerpiece of a reinvigorated Downtown that will be green, bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly, and transit-accessible. That project is supported by a $1 million Gateway City Park Grant and $6.7 million in additional state and federal funds from MassDOT. Additionally, MassDOT provided $8.1 million in ARRA funding for Phase 2 of the Quincy Center Concourse, known as the Walter Hannon Parkway, a new road connecting to downtown.


One of the five main missions of the Patrick-Murray Administration’s long-term economic development plan is empowering communities and regions to stimulate development and job creation opportunities, and one of the main engines of that effort is the MassWorks Infrastructure Grant Program. In August 2012, Governor Patrick signed a Jobs Bill that codifies the consolidation of six capital budget programs under the MassWorks umbrella.


In November 2012, the Patrick-Murray Administration announced winners of 2012 MassWorks awards, delivering $38 million for 26 projects across the Commonwealth. The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development prioritizes projects such as the Quincy project in Gateway Cities and town centers where communities have planned ahead for new housing and commercial growth that creates exceptional benefit for the community, region and Commonwealth.

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