First documentary to look at contemporary D.C. Chinatown launches Kickstarter campaign

Chinese New Year Parade 2012 in Washington, D.C. Chinatown

Chinese New Year Parade 2012 in Washington, D.C. Chinatown. Image courtesy of  DC Chinatown.

CHINATOWN, a half-hour vérité style documentary profiling the oldest ethnic community in Washington, D.C., has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise finishing funds for the film.  “It’s been ten days since our launch on Kickstarter and we’re very grateful for the pledges and support from the community.  The confidence people have shown in the project strengthens our belief in the need to tell the story,” said filmmaker Yi Chen.  Titled “CHINATOWN: A Documentary Film in Post-Production” on Kickstarter, the project has 78 backers and already reached 60% if its goal.


“Our backers found out about us through friends, FacebookTumblrYouTube, Google, and Kickstarter.  Our video has over 500 hits and pledges range from $5 to $500.  The first week we made it to the top of Kickstarter’s staff picks for projects in Washington, D.C.”  The funds raised on Kickstarter will be spent on post-production costs of finishing editing, motion graphics, color correction, sound mix and music scoring.  As incentives for donations, a pledge of $25 will be rewarded with a digital version of the film.  Other rewards include DVD copies, postcards, buttons, T-shirts, and tickets to screenings.


Selected by the sixth annual Our City Film Festival, CHINATOWN will be screened on March 10th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.  “We’re thrilled and working very hard to finish the film.  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing so we really need to reach our goal by February 15.  We spent a year documenting the intimate moments in the lives of the three characters.  The film explores the intricate cultural and social issues facing the community today.”  Today around 400 Chinese immigrants remain in the neighborhood.  The last full-service Chinese grocery store closed in 2005.  Chinatown residents take a chartered tour bus once a month to the Great Wall Supermarket in Falls Church.  Chen is working with top-notch talents to bring the untold story to audiences through festivals, public television, museums, community and university screenings.


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