Chinese immigration experience explored in PBS documentary

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From the Peabody award-winning PBS series comes the four-time Emmy-nominated documentary, “Bill Moyers: Becoming American,” debuting on DVD from Athena on Jan. 15. Through personal narratives and interviews with historians, legendary journalist Bill Moyers tells the remarkable history of Chinese Americans, from the first wave of immigration in the 1850s to the present day.  Profound and deeply moving, “Becoming American” recounts the story of a people who have ventured, suffered, endured and eventually prevailed — from war and famine in Guangdong province to a tenuous new life in America. The DVD two-volume boxed set features three episodes, as well as the bonus program “Becoming American: Personal Journeys with Bill Moyers” (81 minutes), 16-page viewer’s guide with a timeline of significant events, history, statistics and more. “Becoming American” debuted on PBS in March 2003. The boxed set is $49.99.


Rather than finding the “Gold Mountain” they expected in California, early arrivals faced hardship and hard work, battled poverty and prejudice, and experienced the loneliness of a people caught between two worlds. Through personal narratives and interviews with historians, Moyers recounts the remarkable transformation of a bachelor society confined to America’s Chinatowns into the new “model minority” and beyond — an integral part of the American mainstream and a vital part of the nation’s future.


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