Chinatown Safety Committee reviews local crime

By Ling-Mei Wong


The Chinatown Safety Committee discussed local business changes and Chinatown crime at its monthly meeting on Jan. 2 at the Doubletree Hotel.

The Penang Restaurant at 685 Washington Street, Boston sought the committee’s approval for a new manager. Current manager Jimmy Toh will leave to pursue personal matters, said Chung Lee, a lawyer at Chung Lee Law Offices. Kelly Ou will take over the manager position, with more than four years of experience as an assistant manager at two restaurants in Worcester and Billerica.

The committee approved the management transfer, said Chairman Bill Moy. After meeting with the committee, Penang Restaurant will go before the Chinatown/South Cove Neighborhood Council and the licensing board.

Other agenda items included a proposal on the New Adams House held over from the December meeting. No representatives attended the Jan. 2 meeting, after Moy told them in December to meet with the Boston Redevelopment Agency first.

“Unless they dramatically change their proposal, they’re not going to get a positive reaction from this group,” Moy said.

Community announcements included free dental exams on Jan. 9 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, 1 Kneeland Street. Senior dental students will see patients who haven’t been to the dentist in years, said Barbara Rubel, Director of Community Relations for Tufts University. Appointments can be made with Nicole Wade at (617) 636-6791.

Chinatown Main Street announced it would host events for Chinese New Year. On Feb. 2, the Chinatown Main Street Gala will take place. From Feb. 6 to 9, the Flower Market will be held. Finally, the Chinese New Year Parade will take place Feb. 16.


Crime report

Capt. Tom Lee and Sgt. Tom Lema of the Boston Police Department went over crime statistics for the last 30 days before Jan. 2.

Three robberies took place in Chinatown. On Dec. 18, a 61-year-old Chinatown resident was robbed of $38 and his flip phone by two white armed males at Tyler and Tai-Tung streets, Lee said. The victim needed an interpreter. His assailants were in ski masks and appeared to be in their 30s on early 40s.

On Dec. 19 at 1 p.m., an attempted robbery of the Dunkin’ Donuts at 16 Kneeland Street took place. Two black males in their 30s passed a note to the cashier. “It was unusual because that’s usually done for a bank robbery, not at Dunkin’ Donuts,” Lee said. “The cashier didn’t read English, so she grabbed the cash tray and ran to the back of the store.”

The suspects fled on foot, Lee said. Based on surveillance video, police detectives believe they were homeless.

On Jan. 1, Amazing Expressions at 57 Stewart Street was robbed. A male asked for change for a $5 bill. When the cashier opened the cash register, he reached in for the bills and threatened the cashier not to tell anyone, while reaching under his shirt to indicate he had a weapon. The suspect fled out the door and detectives are reviewing surveillance footage in the area.

Three incidents of larceny from a vehicle took place in the area of Washington Street and Marginal Road. On Dec. 21, $2,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from a car parked overnight on Marginal Road, Lee said. On Dec. 22, a Toyota was broken into. On Dec. 23, a garment was taken from a car.

However, an arrest of two males on Dec. 14 yielded a number of stolen laptops and navigation devices. The stolen property is being returned to owners, Lee said.

“Most crime in Chinatown is car breaks and the message is to not leave property in your car,” Lee said.

On Dec. 16, there was an assault with dangerous weapons at 27 Harrison Avenue. The store owner’s wife was hit in the head with an umbrella, after a patron was asked to leave the store, Lee said. The suspect will be charged in court.

A breaking and entering incident took place at 16 Boylston Street. Jewelry and a Blackberry were stolen, with no damage to the apartment.

Lema warned about homeless vagrants possibly moving from the Boston Common to Chinatown. The group included 19- and 20-year-olds who abused drugs, urinated publicly and slept in vacant buildings. “If you see anything new to the area, such as people loitering or even if it’s not crimes, such as possible drug dealing, call 911,” he said.


Crime blotter

Homicide: 0

Sexual assault: 1

Robberies: 3

Aggravated assault:    1

Breaking and entering: 1

Auto theft: 0

Larceny (minus car breaks): 9

Larceny from motor vehicles: 4

Graffiti: 0

Community disorder: 0

Towed motor vehicle: 0


Motor vehicle statistics

Motor vehicle violations: 18

Parking citations: 215

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