Chinatown Safety Committee reviews ‘supper club’ proposal

By Ling-Mei Wong


The Chinatown Safety Committee held its monthly meeting on Dec. 5 at the Doubletree Hotel.

Local businessman Sam Sokol presented his plans for a supper club a second time. Located at 533 Washington Street, the site of the proposed Adams House was formerly the Felt Boston nightclub. The location used to be the Adams House Hotel from 1846 to 1930, which was rebuilt as the Adams House Restaurant in 1936 until closing in the 1980s.

Committee chairman Bill Moy raised concerns about the 2 a.m. closing time, dancing and parking in the area. “We’re gun-shy,” he said. “Felt came in as a restaurant, but it was all dancing. Then gang-bangers came in and disturbed Chinatown.”

Other committee members mentioned noise disturbing the community. “Noise is a major concern for residents — not from venue but from people leaving late at night and horns beeping,” said Capt. Tom Lee, Boston Police Department.

No motion was made on the proposal. Moy told Sokol to meet with the Boston Redevelopment Authority first and postponed discussion until the next meeting on Jan. 2.

Crime report
Crime statistics for the past 30 days were presented by Lee. Three robberies occurred in the area. One incident on Nov. 28 involved a 15-year-old walking home from school, who was held at knifepoint by four males. They stole his phone and MP3 player. The authorities are reviewing surveillance video to see if the same group is behind other robberies.

Another incident on 616 Washington Street involved a man who was robbed of $100 by four females from a chaperone service he ordered for $700, Lee said. A third robbery took place at Bijou on 51 Stewart Street, when a woman came out of the club and had her Apple iPhone grabbed by another woman. Of the 37 robberies reported in the downtown area, 21 involved either iPhones or Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

“If you’re not comfortable pulling cash out in street, don’t pull out your phone,” Lee said.

Crime blotter

  • Homicides: 0
  • Sexual assault: 0
  • Robberies: 3
  • Aggravated assaults: 0
  • Breaking and entering: 4
  • Auto theft: 1
  • Larceny (minus car breaks): 8
  • Larceny from motor vehicle: 7
  • Graffiti: 0
  • Community disorder: 0
  • Towed motor vehicle: 0

Motor vehicle statistics

  • Motor vehicle violations: 24
  • Parking citations: 237
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