Boston escapes Hurricane Sandy’s wrath

By Ling-Mei Wong

The Ho Kong Bean Sprout Co. in Chinatown suffered roof damage from Hurricane Sandy, as workers repaired the affected areas.

Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast, but left Boston relatively unscathed. The storm resulted in 113 casualties and left a wake of destruction.

Power was out for an estimated 715,205 homes in seven states, according to the U.S. Energy Department’s “Hurricane Sandy-Nor’easter Situation Report #2” issued on Thursday.

In New York City, at least 30,000 to 40,000 people were displaced and needed shelter, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a Reuters report.

Sandy spares Boston
Strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, but Boston did not suffer the catastrophic flooding seen in New York City or New Jersey. “Most of the damage claims we’ve seen are from fallen trees,” said Richard Soo Hoo, owner of Richard Soo Hoo Insurance. “Overall, Hurricane Irene had a more devastating effect in both commercial and personal clients incurring power outage and damages.”

Several businesses had exhaust vents blown off their roofs by the wind but were otherwise unaffected. In Chinatown, the Ho Kong Bean Sprout Co. on Harrison Avenue had roof damage from the wind but remained structurally sound.
In the suburbs, one of Soo Hoo’s restaurant clients lost power. While the restaurant’s food was ruined, it was insured for food spoilage, Soo Hoo said.

Several homes were affected by fallen trees, with trees either landing on the house or in the yard. No casualties were reported, Soo Hoo said.

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