Boston: No immediate plan to ban super-sized sodas

Boston Publish Health Committee is watching closely on New York City, which has approved regulations on September 13 and become the first city in U.S. restricting portion sizes at restaurants to fight obesity and diabetes.

NYC approved restricting portion sizes regulations on September 13. Any establishment with a food-service license, including delis, fast-food places, movie and Broadway theaters, and the concession stands at Yankee Stadium and the pizzerias of Little Italy, will be barred from serving sugary beverages in cups or bottles larger than 16 ounces.

Public health experts, the restaurant and soft-drink industry around the nation are watching closely—BPHC is not an exception.

Barbara Ferrer, Executive Director of BPHC, made comments about NYC’s regulations on soda sizes.

“I am impressed with New York City’s comprehensive approach to reducing consumption of sugary beverages and share their concerns with the easy access to super-sized beverages that contain unhealthy quantities of sugar and exorbitant empty calories,” said Barbara, “We would like to be kept informed of the successes and challenges with the implementation of their regulation as we look at what strategies to pursue in Boston.”

Boston has been ranked the 3rd healthiest city in the country for the last two years by the American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fitness Index. Still 56 percent of adults in the city are overweight or obese.

At this point, BPHC is addressing the issue through public education, and it doesn’t have any immediate plans to propose a ban on super-sized sodas. Meanwhile, it will keep a close eye on its counterparts in NYC to see how their strategy is working, according to Nick Martin, Director of Communications, BPHC.

BPHC sees the importance of education on healthy nutrition and active living.

“The more we can educate the public about healthy nutrition and active living along with increasing access to fitness resources,” said Nick, “the healthier we will be as a city.”

Boston Moves for Health campaign earlier this year has been launched by BPHC to increase access to free and low cost fitness resources for people that live, work and play in the city, and the Mayor Thomas Menino has challenge the city to come together to lose 1 million pounds and move 10 million miles together through exercise.

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