Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation Visited Malden

Mayor Gary Christenson welcomed 25 officials from the Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation, China’s largest non-profit organization for disabled people, to Malden City Hall to learn how United States government agencies assist disabled people in obtaining employment on July 10. Triangle’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Rodrigues, attended the meeting and presented employment and training services that Triangle provides for people with disabilities.

“I’m honored that the Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation choseMalden as a venue to discuss opportunities and options for disabled people getting to work,” said Mayor Christenson. “We as a community continue to seek ways to empower people with disabilities.”


Mr. Rodrigues introduced Triangle’s nationally recognized School-to-Career Project which helps youth with disabilities to identify their job skills, expand their employment experience and effectively pursue their personal and career goals. The Chinese delegation was interested in learning about Triangle’s philosophy, operation, various employment support programs and training opportunities.
“The meeting was very informative. We definitely can put a lot of the information we learned today into our organizations in China,” said Mingli Zhang, the leader of the delegation, noting that he was very impressed by Triangle’s well-rounded employment training and services for disabled people. Mr. Zhang shared that the massage industry in China employs many blind people with 90 percent of employment for the blind related to this business. Mr. Zhang welcomed Mayor Christenson and Mr. Rodrigues to visit China to collaborate in the future.



Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation along with Mayor Christenson, Kevin Duffy, Business Strategy & Development Officer, Eleanor Cushing, HR Director and Yan Yu, Constituent Services Representative.



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