Massachusetts Asian American Commission Dinner and Award Ceremony

Photo by Jianghe Niu

By Jianghe Niu

The Massachusetts Asian American Commission held their sixth joint dinner at Boston University’s Metcalf Hall on May 16. Over three hundred people from all works of life dressed up to attend the event.

Asian American Committee Chairman Li Baohua (Paul W. Lee) opened the proceedings with a speech in which he mentioned at the MAAC, established in 2006, has 21 representatives and acts on behalf of the interests of the Massachusetts Asian American community. In annual joint dinner began in 2007 and is intended to fight for equality for Asian Americans, as well as recognize those who made outstanding efforts to promote their work and ideas.

Winners at the dinner included Joe Chung, Managing Director of & the Co-founder of Redstar Ventures, Seasons Lee, CEO and founder of the Boston Biomedical, Inc., Niraj Shah, CEO & Co-. Founder of Wayfair, Jo Tango, the Partner &. Founder of Kepha Partners, , Sushil K. Tuli, CEO & President of Leader, banks.

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