MBTA Looking to Hire More Asians: TCC Meeting

At the recent Chinatown Coalition (TCC) meeting on April 12, Pablo Calderon of the MBTA gave a presentation on applying for jobs at the transportation agency, highlighting a need at the agency for more Asian workers.

According to Calderon, Asians only make up about two percent of the workforce at the MBTA, and most are employed in the Information Technology (I.T.) sector.

Jobs available at the MBTA include: project manager, legal, internships, building trades, customer service, and drivers.

The application process for a job at the MBTA involves filling out two forms: a Massachusetts Department of Transportation profile as well as a job application for each job applied to for the MBTA. Once filled out, the applicant must go to the MBTA’s headquarters and fill out the form in-person. According to Calderon, this process is partly political (as the two agencies have yet to merge) but also to ensure that the person filling out the form is who is stated.

Also, almost every department at the MBTA has internships available, says Calderon. “About 80 percent of our summer internships are paid,” he added.

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