Barking Crab

Step into the Barking Crab, located at 88 Sleeper Street in Boston, and you’ll feel a mixture of pirate and little mermaid. Situated on the outskirts of the financial district, just across Fort Point Channel, this fisherman-themed seafood joint caters to both the tourist and the local. Whether you’re looking for some crustacean cuisine, a steak, or just some finger food, the Barking Crab is a nice fit.

Decorated from tip-to-toe with funky (what I would call) pirate memorabilia, the ambience and atmosphere at the Barking Crab is casual, talkative and light-hearted. The wait staff was pleasant and took care of my girlfriend and I very well, offering to explain the menu and the intricacies in taste of each dish.

For our appetizer, we ordered Barking Crab Cakes. I mean, we had to seeing as the name of the restaurant had the crustacean in it. For the most part, the crab cakes were nice. I’ve only ever eaten crab cakes once previously, and they were of the frozen supermarket variety, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The Barking Crab’s crab cakes were superior to the frozen ones I’d had before, no doubt. Perhaps, I’m just not a massive fan of crab cakes?

For our main courses, we ordered the Alaskan Bairdi Legs and the Fisherman’s Platter. Here’s a caveat for you, the portion sizes at the Barking Crab are plentiful and for a dinner date, you definitely don’t need to order a main course each. It’s far too much food. Nonetheless, I absolutely loved the main courses.
The Alaskan Bairdi Legs were exquisite. I’ve never eaten crab so large and tasty in my life. Not that I’ve eaten a whole lot of crab before, but these were superb. The crab legs are served in a plastic bucket and wrapped in some sort of netting, which is slightly off-putting. But never would you have imagined plain crab legs could taste so good! I’d definitely recommend this dish if you ever make your way to this restaurant.

The Fisherman’s Platter is served with French fries and a tub of coleslaw. This dish, too, was great. I’ll disclose that, despite what my better judgment keeps telling me, I’m a fan of my fair share of fried food. But that wasn’t even the part of the platter that excited me. This platter includes friend oysters, scallops, shrimp, fish, and clams (I think!). That in itself should be enough to excite you! The seafood was, for all I know, quite fresh and tasted like the bottom of the ocean (which I’ve always thought was indicative of freshness).

So, after stuffing ourselves silly, our waiter asked us if we wanted dessert. Now, as a writer I know that a well-rounded restaurant review should include the finishing note, but I just couldn’t do it. So along with recommending this restaurant if you’re ever in the mood for a casual, good time and seafood, I’ll also say that sharing is caring, and a good idea at this joint. I enjoyed myself, and I know my girlfriend did, too. I’m certain we’ll be back to the Barking Crab sometime soon.

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