Thousands flock to Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations

By Kane Carpenter

An electric atmosphere engulfed Chinatown on January 29 as thousands of spectators filled the streets to watch the Chinese community put on martial arts, lion dance, and dragon dance performances in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

With entertainment set up at many street corners in Chinatown, spectators were treated to displays of traditional Chinese festivities at every turn. On one end of Chinatown, at the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Essex Street, a stage was set up for martial arts performances. On the other end of Chinatown, at the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Kneeland Street, crowds followed a lion dance display, which traveled from storefront to storefront.

Chinese New Year, which year after year draws large crowds to the Chinatown area, is the most significant and important of Chinese celebrations. Signifying the beginning of the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year day occurred on January 23 this year.



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