Kwong Kow Chinese School Chinese New Year Celebrations

By Kane Carpenter

On January 28, Kwong Kow Chinese School held its Chinese New Year celebrations with performances from the school’s students. Performances included dancing, singing, poem reciting, and instrument demonstrations.

Close to 100 students and parents crowded into the Kwong Kow Chinese School’s auditorium to watch the celebrations, which lasted a little over an hour.

Students, whose ages ranged from kindergarten to grade 5, wore elaborate costumes to perform traditional Chinese dances and songs; one particular highlight being a performance of ethnic-Xinjiang dancing accompanied by music.

Kwong Kow Chinese School is a 95 year-old Chinese heritage school which aims to disseminate Chinese language and culture to Chinese and non-Chinese learners through formal and informal learning opportunities. The school offers after-school and weekend classes for students of all ages.

Among the facilities at Kwong Kow Chinese School are a language center – which offers Chinese language lessons for professional and personal use and are taught at a variety of levels; a cultural center – which teaches Chinese culture courses incorporating music, painting, dancing, theatre, martial arts, calligraphy, and sports; and an education center – which runs programs for parents and communities to meet the needs of lifelong learners and supply continuous education.

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