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Remember in grade school, when your teacher told you that quality was more important than quantity? Well, when it comes to finding a good restaurant, that concept is wrong. The more diners at a restaurant, the better the food – obviously – and hands down, some of the Boston area’s most delicious Vietnamese food can be found in Dorchester. To be more specific the “Fields Corner” Red Line train stop has a cluster of Vietnamese businesses. Just a block away from the “T” stop, is where you can find Pho So 1 Restaurant. The decor is simple, colorful with a television broadcasting Vietnamese shows while there are some mirrors. The waitstaff were all very helpful, friendly and greeted you with a smile.

Photo by Anna Ing

Their Goi Cuon(fresh springs rolls) have grilled pork and shrimp with generous amounts of vermicelli and lettuce with a slightly thin hoisin-peanut dipping sauce ($3.73 for 2 cut in half). Another appetizer is the cha gio (fried spring rolls) or rather two slender rolls of veggie filled spring rolls $2.95 that tasted great being wrapped with a lettuce leaf and then dipped into the not overly sweet plum sauce added a nice crunch. Both were a nice contrast to each other in both flavor and taste.

The best item on the menu in the Boston area for this dish is #57 or Com Suon, Bi, Cha-Com 4 Mau (Grilled Vietnamese Pork Chop rice plate)$8.25. At other places you may or may not get a fried egg, but here you get two fried eggs! This fabulous dish has shredded slivers of pork skin, vermicelli egg encrusted steamed pork patty, with the piece de resistance-a delectable grilled cut up pork chop with its bone served over white rice and came with some cucumber slices, carrots, daikon and lettuce. Remember to use the sweet fish dipping sauce over this dish which just enhances the taste especially in the grilled pork chop. It came with a small bowl of clear fragrant soup which was topped with chopped cilantro and scallions pieces.

One of the most famous exports of Vietnamese food is Pho aka Beef broth noodle soup. Winter is coming, one of the highlights is to get a steaming bowl of Pho which takes hours to make the delicious beef broth with beef bones, various spices, veggies to create a great Pho. If you are a little adventurous check out #26 Pho Dac Biet (Tai Nam Gau Gan Sach)(beef broth noodle soup) $7.95 for an X-Large size satisfies with tendon, rare eye round steak, brisket, flank, and tripe in a slightly sweeter beef broth than usual. The long flat noodles had the right amount of chewiness which enhanced the eating experience. Veggies are given separately to add to your hearts content-basil, lime segments, and bean sprouts. At the table, patrons can add to their Phohoisin sauce(Chinese dipping sauce) and sriracha sauce (Thai chili sauce from Si Racha originally used for seafood dishes but the US version differs from the original Thai version)which is a kitchen staple in many Asian households. Personally, being able to taste the purity of the beef broth is the key to appreciating the loving care and time used to make it.

After stuffing our bellies with this healthy, delicious meal, we were satisfied. Plus our wallets did not suffer too much either which is always a plus. So go check out Pho So 1 which is open everyday from 8am til 10pm.


Pho So 1 Restaurant
223 Adams Street
Dorchester, MA 02122
(617) 474-1999

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