Basho- A Modern and Hip Brasserie

Kurabota bun. (Photo by Anna Ing)

Boston has plenty of Japanese Restaurants. But Basho Japanese Brasserie is a breath of fresh air. Amidst the usual sushi and sashimi choices, they also have the robata grill (on skewer). Located in the recently redeveloped Fenway area, Basho has already garnered some fans. The decor is modern and minimal. Patrons can even get free Wi-Fi.

First comes the steamed bun sandwich with kurabota pork and pickled cucumber ($7.75) in bamboo steamers. The perfectly marinated pork belly and refreshing cucumber pair well with the steamed bun, but could use a bit more sauce. The Dobin Mushi soup is served in a pot with seafood and chicken ($7.50), topped with ginger slivers, which cleanse and refresh the palate. Off the Robata Grill comes one skewer each of the tsukune (the seasoned ground chicken) ($4.00) and the Spicy Duck Mushroom ($6.50).The grilled but flavorful ground chicken as well as the duck with mustard and mushroom are delectable.

Their inventive makimono rolls list makes it hard for diners to choose. Green Monster Roll ($14.95) has softshell crab with spicy mayo wrapped with escolar (white tuna) with an interesting flavor twist of cilantro pesto. Their weekly special is the popular Celtics Maki burrito ($16.95), which has spicy tuna, avocado and cilantro wrapped with soy paper and seaweed, topped with unagi served with basil oil and jalopeno aioli.  Brown rice can be substituted for an additional fee.

For dessert, there is sorbet ($6.95) and the cheesecake harumaki ($7.95).

Sorbet. (Photo by Anna Ing)

With the colorful flavored sorbet molded in a small shape of the actual fruits (raspberry, strawberry and peach), this is the most beautifully arranged sorbet, subtle and refreshing.

Cheesecake Harumaki. (Photo by Anna Ing)

The harumaki is a cheesecake deep fried as an egg roll served with raspberry sauce and chocolate shavings.


Basho Japanese Brasserie
1338 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 262-1338

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