It’s Halloween

It’s that time of year again, stores stock up on sweet treats waiting for customers to purchase them for Halloween. When one walks into a store let’s say, CVS, for example, aisles upon aisles of chocolates, lollipops and candy bars fill up the store. Why is there Halloween anyways? What do children do on Halloween night? Halloween is not only fun, but can also be dangerous for children. How do we keep our children safe when they go trick or treating?

The origin of Halloween came from various traditions varying from Celtic to Catholic to European beliefs. It was a belief that on November 1st the spirits of the dead and demons would come back to Earth. To prevent this from happening people back then would light bonfires to scare the evil beings away. Later in America, the idea of “trick or treating” formed after a flood of Irish immigrants who came to homes begging for food and money wearing costumes. Since then trick or treat is known to children all over the world as a day to dress up and knock on neighbors’ doors for candy.

Children love to dress up for Halloween. There are many varieties of costumes ranging from faeries to devils, and ghosts to angels. Halloween started out as only a day of dress-up for children, but as centuries pass, adults and teenagers dress-up along with the children.

Although children may think that Halloween is the best day for dress-up and candy, they don’t think much about their safety. As parents of children, we need to make sure the children go trick or treating safely. The streets of the Halloween night are very crowded, creating danger for the children. They can be bad or nice people, you will never know until you actually encounter them. In order to make sure that you and everyone around you are safe, safety precautions need to be taken seriously. Some of them include: accompanying you children to the doorbells of your neighbors, being careful while crossing the streets, prior to eating the candy, make sure that it is not tampered with. Happy Halloween.

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